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General Election 2017 - the Fog of War ?


Patrick Kelliher

At the end of August 1914, the French Army was in disarray. Its disastrous Plan XVII offensive had cost it over 300,000 casualties in one month, its bloodiest toll in all of WWI. The German commander Helmuth von Moltke the Younger sensed the possibility of a rout. Putting aside the detailed Schlieffen Plan they were supposed to be following, he gave two armies the command “Pursue Direction Epinal” for them to chase the beaten French towards the town of Epinal. The counter-stroke was an abject failure with the Germans suffering over 60,000 casualties in the following weeks. Many historians feel this diversion may have contributed to the failure of the Schlieffen Plan and the prospect of a quick victory on the Western Front.

So where am I going with this says you ? well I was put in mind of this by the recent snap election decision by Theresa May. Like the French Army, the opposition Labour Party is in disarray. Just as von Moltke sensed a modern day Cannae, no...

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