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Patrick Kelliher

Sorry I haven’t posted for so long. To be honest I found markets difficult to fathom these past two years. Notwithstanding repeated waves of Covid, lockdowns and economic disruption, many markets reached record highs, helped by unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus. Then, just when than we reached the point where we learn to live with the virus and revert to normal, Russia invaded Ukraine disrupting global supplies of food and energy.

The war in Ukraine has added to post-Covid supply chain problems to push up prices, with central banks tightening monetary policy as a result. This is turn has led to falls in markets with the S&P500 falling by nearly 20% since the start of the year to 20th May 2022, with the NASDAQ falling further by 27%. In the UK, the FTSE100 has barely dropped due to the preponderance of oil and gas shares in this index and the boost to dollar earnings from a fall in the pound, but the FTSE250 has fallen by over 15% in the same period....

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